And LOVE is the Greatest of These Things

Written by The Handberry Family
Monday, February 15, 2016

And the GREATEST of these is LOVE...

The McElreaths and The Handberrys are first cousins but they were raised very close, more like siblings. As a close knit family there were many exciting times shared together and one the of the VERY BEST was welcoming a new family member. Little did they know that the birth of precious Bowen meant that their family was about to grow SO MUCH more....

Meet the Handberrys

If one word could be a mirror to reflect the emotion that I feel when it comes to Heart and Sole, my word is simple....LOVE.
On July 5th of 2005, our precious Bowen came into this world and the love and excitement that filled the room was undeniable! She was an answer to so many prayers and we were all "over the moon" with joyful hearts! The days that followed were a roller coaster of moments and emotions ranging from hope to happiness to worry and yes, sadness....Yet, even in the darkest of times, LOVE prevailed.
You see, the love of Jesus was ever present during this journey. It was there when Benjamin and Carrie gave Bowen to Jesus through baptism and He was there in the waiting room at the Children’s Hospital as we all prayed, not only for Bowen, but with strangers who all shared a special bond and desperate need... the need for a miracle. Jesus’ love was present as He used the amazingly talented and compassionate doctors, nurses and therapists who treated Bowen and offered support and guidance. LOVE was there every step of the way as friends became the hands and feet of Jesus and that same love was present the night Jesus took Bowen home as He held our brokenness in His hands. His perfect plan was to use Bowen’s short life in a wonderful way...and it gave birth to Heart and Sole.
The LOVE that Bowen’s family shares is strong and unwavering. It’s a testimony of hope and faith and using heartache to help bring healing to others. It’s what YOU do when you become a supporter of Heart and Sole. YOU become part of our family. So whether you love to run, love to have fun, love to support a wonderful cause, or love Bowen’s precious family...Heart and Sole is the place to be! Through this journey of life there is one truth I know for certain: LOVE ALWAYS WINS!

Lots of love,
Casey and Don Handberry

"For these three, hope and love, but the greatest of these is LOVE"1Cor. 13:13

*Casey and Don reside in Macon, Georgia with 3 awesome boys who LOVE to play baseball and play with their cousins, Benjamin and Hughes.