There is No foot too Small...


Written by Ali and Barrett Alibritton
Sunday, February 21, 2016

"There is NO foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this World."---author unknown.

Meet The Albrittons

Barret and I met Ben, Carrie, Casey and Don while we were in Macon for law school. Over the last sixteen years, their families have become much like family to us. In fact, on the day that Bowen was born, we were at the beach with Don and Casey awaiting the arrival of baby Bowen and praying for our other friends who had just given birth to premature triplets. Our joy soon turned to worry and to a time of prayer as Bowen and the triplets were all taken to the ICU in Augusta as the little ones fought for their lives.

Little did we know that sweet Bowen, only thirteen days after blessing Ben and Carrie with her presence, would leave her physical body to become the sweet angel we celebrate every year at Heart and Sole. We will never forget sitting in the sanctuary at the celebration of Bowen’s life and the heart break we were feeling for Ben and Carrie. Sitting there praying for the triplets’ parents and for Ben and Carrie, we had a moment that we will never forget. "Jesus Loves Me" played and, while so brokenhearted for our friends, the words took on a very special meaning for Barret and I. We can’t help but know the words and the sentiment of Jesus’ love are what helped Ben and Carrie through the greatest loss they had ever experienced. Watching Ben and Carrie’s love and strength during that time showed Barret and I how to love through our own losses, how to have faith in God and how to lean on one another during the hard times.
"There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this World."---author unknown.

Eleven years ago, we had no idea that a life so small would leave such a big imprint on our lives. Bowen McElreath, through the help of her amazing family, left and continues to leave imprints on this World. Every year hundreds gather in Augusta along with friends and family to continue a movement that was formed in order to bring joy, love, and light to the sweet babies in need at the medical center. The love, the friendships, and the celebration of life bring us back every year and we cannot imagine spending the first weekend in March anywhere but Augusta, GA. We feel fortunate to be a part of the wonderful celebration that has become sweet Bowen’s legacy.

*Ali and Barrett reside in Chattanooga. Barrett attended Mercer University Law School with Ben McElreath where this group from law school attends Heart and Sole EVERY year! You will see them on the dance floor soon!