Beyond the Borders of Augusta

Written by The Cawley Family
Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Beyond the Borders of Augusta....

It is so hard to wrap my brain around the idea that we are about to CELEBRATE the 10th Anniversary of Heart & Sole. But we are and we are SUPER excited about it!! 
Heart and Sole supports the Children's Hospital of Georgia but as you all know by now... Heart & Sole affects families from EVERYWHERE because the CHOG serves so many. Bowen was transported from Macon to Augusta in July 2005. Even though our family was originally from Augusta and Bowen wasn't a current resident of Augusta, we soon found ourselves a part of the NICU and CHOG family!

As part of the 10 year celebration... I will be sharing what Heart and Sole means to so many dear friends and why they LOVE and support Heart and Sole!
Please take the time to read these stories over the next few weeks, SEARCH your heart and GIVE back on Saturday, March 5th to Heart and Sole. We promise you that it is worth the donation and your time!

I look forward to seeing each of you on March 5th!

Meet the Cawleys

Jesus Loves Me This I Know.....we knew the day we heard this song at Bowen’s funeral, we would never hear it the same again. There will be things in this life that we do not understand and that is where we put our ultimate faith in Christ. We trust that He knows way better than we do. Watching our dear friends, Carrie and Ben, completely depend on the Lord to heal their hearts and show them His will in their lives has been a privilege. Heart and Sole has been a huge ministry to so many not only in the Children’s Hospital, but also to many of us who love to spend the first weekend in March in Augusta. Through the work of Stacey, we have seen first-hand how a sister, who loves with all her heart, wants to take a tragedy and turn it into a chance to make a difference. We look forward to Heart and Sole every year. It is a chance to visit with friends, enjoy fun restaurants and great shops, participate in a great race, relax, and spend the night dancing to great music in a beautiful atmosphere. At the same time, it is also a weekend each year to remember why we are here. Being a part of Heart and Sole is an opportunity to help other children who have special hearts. It is a way to carry on the memory of Baby Bowen by loving and serving others which is what God has called us to do. He is continuing to use Bowen’s life, year after year, in many ways. It is a beautiful reminder to all of us that Yes, Jesus loves us, for The Bible tells us so!!!

All our love,
Courtney and Chris Cawley
My love to all of you in Christ Jesus. -1Corinthians 16:24

*Courtney and Chris reside in Macon, Georgia with 4 beautiful children. Chris is a Pediatrician at Primary Pediatrics (Platinum Sponsor of Heart & Sole) and Chris was also Bowen's doctor at the Children's Hospital in Macon, Ga.