Priorities are in order... Meet EmmaKate

Written by H&S and Tara Sanders
Thursday, February 28, 2013

Priorities are in order... Meet EmmaKate

Saturday morning.... Snuggling in late...If it was up to EmmaKate Sanders, she would say absolutely NOT!

At 6 years old, she knows the VALUE of the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. We not ONLY need your support, We WANT your support!

It is amazing to see that most children that are the weakest with health at the start have the STRONGEST personalities and the WILL TO LIVE!

Her priorities are in order at 6 years old ~ Meet EmmaKate!
Until April 11, 2006 I didn't know how much the Children's Medical Center and the fabulous doctors, nurses and staff would mean to our family.
Jay and I were so blessed to have a beautiful healthy daughter and were eagerly expecting arrival of our second. That day quickly approached. Emma Kate was born and seemingly doing fine until taken back for her initial check-up in the nursery.
We were very soon informed that our picture perfect baby girl had some things going on that needed the specialty attention of The Children's Medical Center. We were at University so a transport team came over from next door to get her and take her to the pediatric ICU where EK would spend the next 7 days.

In the next 7 days EK would be put through much prodding, poking, and surgery. Dr. Hatley we felt, as so many of us do, was heaven sent. I believe EmmaKate was seen by every department the CMC has to offer. Thoroughly looking her little body over and working in unison to get all just right. Jay and I blurry eyed and exhausted needed guidance every step of the way and even to this day we turn to Dr. Hatley if the slightest thing comes up with Emma Kate.
Our family continued on with CMC for the rest of EKs first year she ended up having a total of about 4 surgeries. She is out of " care" now but I have Dr Hatley’s number in my phone and I am not afraid to use it.

Why am I writing this for Heart and Sole you ask? Emma Kate didn't have a heart problem. Emma Kate and the many, many children of the CMC benefit from Heart and Sole. Heart and Sole has recently purchased a transport bed like the one used to transport Emma Kate. They have also purchased several pieces of very costly equipment used in diagnosing Emma Kate.
The funds raised by Heart and Sole stay local and the doctors who use the equipment everyday get to help decide along with the board members what is purchased.

Emma Kate asked me what I was writing and I told her. She told me her favorite things at the CMC and they fall in this order: Dr. Hatley, Dr. Donohoe, & McDonald's. I would say the docs are doing pretty good!

**Emma Kate is now a very vivacious and healthy 6 3/4 year old
Tara Sanders