A Whole NEW Perspective - 2014

Written by Stacey Haskins Garner
Wednesday, February, 19 2014

A Whole New Perspective ~ Looking at 2014 a little different.....

Happy February Everyone!

I like to think of this month as a time for LOVE, Valentines Day and Heart Awareness BUT also it is a very BIG time for Heart and Sole Inc ~ The KICKOFF for the Annual 5k and Evening Celebration.

Every year, I try my VERY best to explain to EVERYONE possible – "What is Heart and Sole?" I started Heart and Sole in 2006, after losing my niece Margaret "Bowen" McElreath. For 8 years I have viewed the Children's Hospital of Georgia & HS from the view of being an aunt to a very special little girl. This year it is a little different for me than any other year, as I am expecting my first child, a baby girl, in June. I now know the anxious feelings that come along with expecting a child and wondering the BIG "what ifs". As I try to cast away all of my fears, there are several factors that keep the "what ifs" at bay.

  1. Faith in Him keeps me grounded.... Trusting Him at all times and knowing that He puts the right people along our path to care for the "what ifs" BUT you still have the "what ifs" at times. Without Him... I would be a mess worrying.
  2. I have an incredible doctor, Dr. McDonough. (If you know me... I am a little OCD and he tries his best to understand me BUT most important he calms me when I have concerns. I am in GREAT hands.)
  3. I have a wonderful family and supportive friends. (No one said pregnancy is perfect or easy.)
  4. LASTLY, I have the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. And this is what helps me sleep at night!

I am so excited about looking forward to this years Heart and Sole event in March with a whole new perspective.... As a future mother!! So whether you are a mother, aunt, grandmother, father, uncle, grandfather or a cousin.... Cast your fears away and support the ONE facility that is ALWAYS open and ready for the "what ifs".

It can happen to you... in the middle of the night or a bright sunny day ~ You might face the "what ifs," BUT know that the Children’s Hospital of Georgia is right here for ALL of us.

Join us for the 5K, Evening Event or both for a guaranteed GREAT time and Help make a difference!

For more information on where the 2013 funds were directed once donated to the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, PLEASE read below! If you joined us in 2013, you are part of the reason that these services and items helped make a difference and we thank YOU!

See you on March 1st!!!
Stacey Haskins Garner

We are GROWING at Heart and Sole....
A BIG congrats to ALL of the new Heart & Sole babies that we welcomed and will welcome to HS Board Members this Spring!
James Gardiner "Bo" Weigle ~ Proud parents are Elizabeth and Reed Weigle (Dec. 2013)
Blakely Elizabeth Cowart ~ Proud parents are Lauren and Jason Cowart (Jan. 2014)
Baby Girl Walker ~ Expecting Parents are Whitney and Blake Walker ( Arriving in March '14)
Baby McElreath ~ Expecting Parents are Cameron and Sam McElreath ( Arriving in April '14)
Bennett Lane Dallas ~ Expecting Parents are Lauren and Al Dallas (Arriving in May '14)
Baby Girl Garner ~ Expecting Parents are Stacey and Reed Garner (Arriving in June '14)

Heart and Sole 2013 Donations

Heart and Sole is the SOLE sponsor of Camp Strong Hearts each Summer. This is a camp that allows heart children the opportunity to be a kid and leaving the parents at ease that they are in the BEST hands. This commitment each year is a minimum donation of $15,000.

In 2013, Heart and Sole helped replace the Rocking chairs in the PICU. These chairs are used for the families that have young children that need the tender care of their families during the difficult time of being a patient in the hospital. Special chairs are needed to meet hospital code and these chairs are different, as they need to be cared for after each use.

General Surgery/OR Services
In 2013, Heart and Sole purchased a special Pediatric Crib that is needed to help the critical care infants and toddlers. This bed is in addition to many others on the PICU/NICU floors, yet with the limited type of this bed.... This gave the hospital space to care for one more child of this critical level.

ChildLife Specialists
In 2013, Heart and Sole gave funding for 50 game mounts for the game systems throughout the facility. This is extremely important, as many of these systems have been acquired through donor dollars and fundraising. These mounts make sure that these systems stay in each room and are properly cared for. A VERY big need in a children’s hospital is a way to distract these sweet children from the pains and ailments that they are experiencing.